Kitui County govt is a family kiosk.


Warning to Kitui County Youths:

One of these fine days the county govt will advertise a position called “sign language interpretor” or a similar post, Kitui youths are advised waste your time and resources applying, the position has already been reserved for the sister to Edith Malombe’s PA called Reen who teaches at a primary school here in Kitui town.

The PAs mother is the principal at Itoloni Girls sec where Malombe donoted kshs 5.5 Million in a harambee that targeted kshs 2.5 Million. She is also a relative to Ms Maasya the public service board chairperson. Her brother was employed last month too.

These sentiments may sound as propaganda. To our readers be observant as events unfold during and after interviews if at all they will be conducted.

Anything is possible with Kitui County public service board, you remember the positions of village administrators where shortlisting was done after interviews.

Be warned Kitui County govt is a family kiosk.

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