Governor Malombe is set to spend 10M in one week

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe speaks at a past event.

As Kitui is mourning the death of former Kitui mayor Martha Mwangangi that was as a result of recklessness and arrogance of a county government officer, the executive has left for a one week holiday trip in Mombasa.

The trip will cost over Sh. 10m and will be attended by all chief officers and county executive committee members (ministers) and a few MCAs who dance to Malombe’s tune.

As all this is happening Kitui town is still faced with mobility challenges as all roads have been eroded and residential areas grappling with darkness.

Hospitals have no medicine but malombe and his executive whom majority are his relatives, can afford to go for holiday at the expense of poor mwananchi, perhaps they are resting after working tirelessly in looting.

As chief officers will be looting Sh.22000 per day for 10 days ministers will be stealing Sh. 25000 each per day.

Each officer will be accompanied by their driver.

Malombe God is watching

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