Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media and our good People of Kitui County. This is a joint statement issued by Senator Hon David Musila and Hon Charity Ngilu both of Kitui County on events that took place in Kitui Town on 16th December 2016.

First, we take this opportunity to send our heartfelt condolences to the children and family of the late Former Mayor Hon Martha Mwangangi of Kitui Municipality.

Secondly, we condemn, in the strongest terms possible, the deliberate destruction and demolishing of Kitui Town’s small-scale traders’ kiosks and goods worth millions of shillings by the Kitui County Government led by Julius Makau Malombe.

This heinous act comes barely a few weeks after a similar demolishing of kiosks in Mulutu town by the same county government. This wanton destruction of property by Julius Malombe has left our small-scale traders economically disempowered a few days to the opening of schools where they will need to raise fees for their children.

The saddest of this entire episode was the unfortunate killing of the late former mayor, Hon Martha Mwangangi of Kitui Municipality. She had joined a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with hundreds of Kitui town’s small-scale traders who had come out to react on the aforementioned demolitions. This act of killing cannot be justified under any circumstances.

We call upon the people of Kitui town (and the county) to remain calm as the National Government investigates this killing. We ask the National Government to undertake a full inquiry into this matter with a view to establishing the cause and nature of this killing. Those responsible should be punished in accordance with the law and the family of the late Hon Martha Mwangangi be adequately compensated.

In the meantime, this coming Monday 19th December 2016 the two us we will be meeting all those traders whose kiosks and goods have been destroyed by the Kitui County government at Kalundu market as from 9:00am. We are requesting each of the affected traders to write down the value of damage cast on his/her business for ease of litigation and eventual compensation.

The two of us, Senator Hon David Musila and Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu, will work together on these matters to ensure justice is delivered to both the Kitui small-scale traders and the family of the late Hon Martha Mwangangi.

Thank you very much and we wish you all the best.

Signed by

Hon David Musila, Kitui County Senator

17th December 2016

Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu


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