Kitui is greater than individual interest, Ngilu told


Our local leaders are on a daily basis trying to gain sympathy from electorate. They are looking for all means to get a gathering in the name of assisting the affected businesses then make it a political event.

Do Hon Charity Ngilu and Hon David Musila really value where we normally get our daily bread? For instance traders who go to zombe,kiasi, Katulani, Mbitini and Kavisuni to buy goats/cows, mbisu, Chickens, others go to eastleigh and Gikomba to get chrismas cloths targeting targeting market day in Kalundu only to find the market turned into a political rally plus a heavy patrol by FANYA FUJO UONE team! How inconvinienced economically is this trader?

Why would we allow our leaders to hijack every event be it church function,nzok burials and markets into political rally which forms the basis or source of campaign image?

Si kama ni politics waitane ithookwe vandu ve kiwanza kinene showground waone real supporters.Watu hawali siasa na tuko busy sokoni tukitafta pesa ya fees ya January na ingine ya christmas.

~Pat (Blogger)

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