Hired Demonstrators Openly Disagree in Kitui


Malombe’s hired demonstrators have been fighting for handouts that Kitui Governor had given them to share. How much each was to get became a difficult equation to solve. This saw the “demonstrators” seek police intervention and the matter was reported to Kitui Central Police Station early this week.

Unconfirmed reports indicates that after one Mulinge was given the money he took the handout and shared to Steve, Frank and 2 others. They later met Ngilu who gave Mumbu famously known as Senator kshs 10,000 and neutralized the goons who were supposed to heckle Ngilu at Kalundu on Monday.

In the evening a section of Malombe’s goons led by one Mathias searched for Mulinge’s team but in Vain.

Now that the demonstrators have reported each other in Kitui central police station. Mathias is to be arrested.

~ Muindu Peter

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