Kitui Varsity students set to benefit from CDF Bursary, Find out the requirements.


Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu has for the second time been ranked as the best Member of Parliament in lower Eastern on matters development. The research was conducted by National Cdf committee, Mbau led team.

This December 28th All varsity students from Kitui central are set to financially benefit from the CDF kitty. Cheques worth millions of Ksh will be disbursed to different universities/colleges across the country.

However small the assistant is to an individual student, it’s a great relief to the parents and village at large. “Makali mwa ni utethasya asyai aingi, nye ndyina kana ke sukulu lakini atui makwa ninonete maitetheka” Valui from Katulani sub county told KO.

“Kitui central constituency will be giving University/College bursary on 28th December 2016 starting 8:30PM at Kitui Central constituency offices” Kitui Central CDF team posted.

CDF team this time had to ensure the whole of bursary process is linked with the voter registration process. This is evident in the requirements brought forth by the team.

Here are the requirements
1.National Identification Card(ID)
2.Student ID card.
3.Voters card/Confirmation slip/Message

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