Malombe does the despicable by hiring goons to interrupt Hon. Martha’s burial


While Kitui residents are still coming into terms with the killing of former Kitui Mayor in which the Kitui County government led by Hon Malombe was complicit, the Governor has hired goons to disrupt her burial. Hon Martha was killed by a county truck during demonstrations against the destruction of structures and trading wares of small scale traders in Kitui town.

Therefore, the move to hire goons to interrupt her burial is ill-timed, unintelligible and outrightly suicidal to the Governor’s bid for reelection in 2017. It is expected to rub even the most conservative residents the wrong way. Furthermore, it insults the very patriotism, selflessness, public service and humility of the departed heroine.

Some of the hired goons who have sought anonymity told Kitui Online that even county staff have been instructed to act as goons in the burial event. Hon Ngilu is expected to address Kitui residents alongside the Governor.

At a time when the Governor should be galvanizing his support, it is surprising that he chooses to antagonize Kitui residents.

The fact that the county government is complicit in the killing should be sufficient tin guiding his actions.

This action is indeed one of the lowest moments in the leadership of the Governor, alongside his appetite to steal public funds, employ his relatives and generally, do absolutely nothing in office.

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