Malombe finally fell into Ngilu’s trap


KO team attended yesterday’s burial of Kitui ex mayor, Martha Mwangangi. As all events unfolded, we watched. Kitui Governor, Julius malombe fell into Ngilu’s aka Syokau’s trap. She had stage managed it all to paint Malombe in bad light.

Political analysts observed that Governor Malombe might be lacking serious advisors, he should not have attended the burial in the first place. This was written everywhere in town and it’s information that his intelligence team must have gathered. It would very helpful politically if he faked sickness and be hospitalised in a reputable hospital, to create reasons for not attending the burial.

Yesterday’s events have politically built senator Musila’s gubernatorial bid bonga points. Musila came out as the only sober one, and better option compared to Syokau and Kyuma.

“I recommend governor Malombe sack all his advisors as soon as yesterday.” – Wahome, political analyst says

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