Spare us from charcoal business – Governor Malombe told


Over 30 lorries are seen from Kitui town ferrying dozens of charcoal sacks in a daily basis.

Investigation done by our undercover team reveals that those lorries are owned by people from Central Kenya and Nairobi. If it’s something positive to environment why is it not happening in Central Kenya?

The districts environment officers plus County government of Kitui must protect our environments

Mutha, sombe, malalani are the modt affected areas by this charcoal business. “miti imeisha mutha imekua jangwa sasa” Yoana, Mutha MCA aspirant says

The government must move to ban this business and show our pple alternative ventures. It would be wise if the County government would initiate tree planting exercises during the short rains in March.

Kitui Charcoal Act 2014 permits charcoal burning and selling,
Some of these acts where enacted without proper public participation. We should all be concerned by the growing desert in our area.

Has Malombe’s administration thought of the impending desert in these area if charcoal business will continue to have blessing from the government?

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Are we waiting for the time when fed up youths will decide to burn these lorries?

~ Yoana

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