Has Kitui county become home for narrow escapes from politically engineered deaths? Check this out:


Drama in Kitui county as leader of minority in the county assembly of Kitui escapes an attempt to completely finish him to the last breath.
Hon.Alex Nganga was last night attacked by a group of unknown men,apparently, goons that had been hired to beat him up to death at Matinyani ,where he was holding a leaders’ meeting.In his company was his personal assistant ,Mr.Nicholas Mutua aka Papa Shaq.
Unconfirmed reports have it that the goons had been hired for a handsome token by a Kitui central parliamentary seat aspirant ,commonly known as “Kituti”.

Nganga’s PA receiving Gett well soon messages from friends and relatives

The source of the fracas is still not clear yet,since there seems to be conflict between hon.Alex Nganga and Mr.Kituti as per recent developments which have it that the minority leader may be vying for the Kitui central parliamentary seat as well, and he appears to be an overly major threat without doubt.

During the bohemian and politically planned attack, hon.Alex Nganga and his PA sought refuge from a nearby maize plantation but unfortunately the PA was injured and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital whose name is not disclosed while the mca received a serious beating and ripping off his shirts. However ,later on, they were rescued by some “bodaboda” operators in late hours of the night.
From there ,the incident was reported and police investigations are underway,with the county commander on the lead.

It’s indeed a tragedy that in this era and generation and just about 7 months to the general election, young people are being used to literally wage knuckle games on our esteemed leaders.

There’s more to life than politics,and there’s life beyond 8.8.2017.But the blind cannot see,they just can’t and neither can the deaf hear!
Nevertheless, we as Kitui online fraternity wish hon Alex nganga and his PA quick recovery from the trauma and any injuries on them.

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