Stop fooling Kitui Residents with C D F kitty


Am writing this direct to our KRC incumbent MP bwana Charles Nyamai, I understand there this certain portion of cdf funds set aside for sports and youth empowerment programs. It was my first day/time to hear of cdf tournament in our constituency just the other day at Kisasi, does it mean it is the right time now to commence the youth empowerment programs??

I remember when I was in my primary and high schools there used to exist football clubs in my ward like kavonge,kavoo,iviani/itooma, Soweto/masimba,kitooni, kisayani and the list continues. During these sport participations, our fellow youths were kept busy n they could not get time to chew mukuka n get involved in other petty crimes in the area Others were go good n talented in football but no leader dared to even identity their talents.

I know one guy in my area who used to be the best in the field, if we were having able leaders he should be now participating in the Kenya national team but now he is a big thug in our area as well as mukuka addict.

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Where are our rights as youths? Something MUST be done to ensure our fellow youths there are kept busy and counseled to join technical institutions to acquire some skills like masonry, carpentry , hair dressing, plumbing, mechanics, etc. We need these useful people too in our community.

Written by:George Safari✍

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