Why did Kitui town admin apologize to Governor Malombe? Find out


Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe is one of the best dad Kitui has ever had. Some of his employees have been in a mission to ensurthat he is labeled the worst Devil Kitui has ever had.

Kitui town administrator, Nathan Vungo is not a new name in the wrong side of Kitui residents. From demolishing Vibandas, pocketing cash from Thika sand dealers to the latest one of victimizing revenue collectors.

Revenue collectors especially those in barriers are supposed to have transport and lunch allowances amounting to KES 800.00, Mr Vungo reduced this to KES 500 and later to KES 0.00.

When these employees were under director of Finance they were being paid fully, what changed?

The said employees forwarded their grievances to Director of Finance, Makau who took upon himself to question Vungo. TA became very furious and said he was not going to pay them and the tax collectors were being a burden to his pile of Degrees and PhD’s

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On Wednesday evening the news reached Kitui County Govt head, Malombe who summoned Vungo in his office. The self proclaimed master of Education could not speak anything on the subject

Good news is that he apologized to the Governor and promised to make sure the old mamas are paid.

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