Kitui South MP turns a health facility into a dormitory

Rachael Kaki Nyamai, Kitui South MP.

Kitui South: Residence of Kitui are very dissatisfied with their member of Parliament, MP Rachel Nyamai.

Kitui South remains among the under-developed constituency in Kitui County, despite its rich natural resources and expansive land for development. Unlike other constituencies, there are still major problems in the access to basic needs like shelter, food and healthcare.

As doctors strike due to lack of tools and unsolved welfare Kitui South residents have a different challenge in health sector.

Kalivu dispensary was initiated by former Kitui South MP Isaac Mulatya Mwoki. This dispensary was in her prioritized to do things for current MP Madam Kaki was elected.

The fact of the matter is that the MP released some cash for completion of the same but it seems it was misused under her watch.  Today the health facility is being used as a dormitory.

Residents of Kalivu have promised to engage the legislator one on one. This is after Hon Rachael dismissed one Shaddy for being a concerned resident who was bold enough to confront the MP on the same issue.


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