Academically Ngilu might be off the gubernatorial seat

'Kitui' s political gods'

As the race for the Kitui gubernatorial seat heats up, questions have emerged over the validity of Charity Ngilu’s academic papers.

Rumour has it that Ngilu who is eyeing the governor’s seat 2017 could be possessing ‘suspicious’ academic credentials.

‘It would be interesting to find out where Hon Ngilu went to for her high school, and what she attained.’ One critic posted on a WhatsApp group.

Although Ngilu graduated with a degree from St. Paul’s University just the other day, these doubting Thomas have raised eyebrows over her eligibility for admission at the university, holding that her academic record is highly wanting and suspicious.

Hon Ngilu is said to have been among the politicians who had to rush back to class after it was declared that all gubernatorial aspirants must have a bachelor’s degree as their minimum academic qualification.

A requirement that saw not only former Lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu back to school but also Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru.

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It remains unclear whether these are just but campaigns drum beats getting louder or indeed the gubernatorial candidate Charity Ngilu could have faked her way up.

Commission for University Education (CUE) has said that it is out to block politicians with questionable education papers from vying in the upcoming 2017 General Election and we can only hope our very able gubernatorial candidate will not suffer under this wrath.

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