No Two Centers of Power in Wiper Party, Kitui MCAs Assert


By Benn M,

A section of Kitui MCAs have today morning expressed displeasure on the emerging rift among members in the Wiper party.

Led by the Majority leader Hon Kilonzi Maundu, the MCAs specified clearly that there are no two centers of power in the party and Senator Musila must enlighten himself on his imagination that he’s an alternative center of power within Wiper and declared support and loyalty to H.E Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka, the party leader.

“It is utterly disrespectful, disloyal and irresponsible for senator Musila to incite party members against our party leader, and to attack him in the media in which he did last week. We therefore demand an immediate and unconditional apology by the senator to the party leader. The false claim that Hon.Muluvi and the senator own wiper party is false” It read.

“We particularly want to thank the party leader for his very strong message to elected leaders in the county to be careful not to divide the party in their quest for political offices, and thus give undue advantage to jubilee. We particularly give our unequivocal support to the party leader for the wise counsel he gave to the senator and the Governor to seek re-election in their respective positions of Senator and Governor, in order to avoid conflict that could potentially divide and weaken the party at this critical time when we are strategizing on how to defeat jubilee at the polls” declaimed Ngomeni MCA Hon Nzungi Ngwele.

The MCAs added that they suspect the Senator is working with external forces with a specific, undercover assignment to sow discord and division within Wiper, and to wreck the party from within and called for appropriate investigations on his conduct and intentions to take necessary disciplinary actions against him.

“We will not sit back and watch the Senator divide our party, He cannot force the party leader to support his gubernatorial bid blindly, We will deal with those aiming at tarnishing the respect accorded to Kalonzo”  said Miambani MCA Hon. Felix Kinuva.

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