Ngilu sells Kitui Rural nomination ticket


Speaking during a meeting held at her Nairobi office, Nark party leader Charity Kaluki Ngilu has made it public that her party ticket goes to one Ben Mwongela from Mamole something that has not received well by elders from kanyangi.

“Ngilu niwonie India sya kukenga, on a kula ila twamunengie ndaka ikwata” ( Ngilu has seen fools to deceive, even the votes we voted for her she won’t get them) added a village elder by the name Titus Muthui.

Ngilu is said to have received ksh 1million from Ben Mwongela so as to consider him in the parties ticket. Elders from Kanyangi feel that its wise for kitui residents to nominate candidates of their choice rather than their leaders chossing for them..

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