Governor Malombe chased away from a church service


Rev.Fr.Julius Maingi of Mulutu Parish catholic diocese of kitui has been summoned by the (Rt.Rev.Bishop Anthony Muheria for hosting politicians in his parish over the weekend.

Bishop Muheria is known for his stand when it comes to church a d politics. He says politicians should attend church service to get word of God but not to do politics.  Hate or love that’s what he stands for.

This happens a day after Kitui Governors, Julius Malombe and his counter part Makueni Governor, Kivutha Kibwana attended a church service in Mulutu, Kyangwithya West.

The event was later turned to a political rally campaigning in church compound. This is against Bishop’s  circulars to priests on October last year.

This a blow not only to  Governor Malombe but to all politicians intending church for political mileage.

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