Politicians are becoming more than ‘Christians


    Am anxiously waiting to get updates from different wards in kitui county how many aspirants and incumbents are attending church service in different churches today

    Politics is like hide and seek game as per my perception. These politicians most of them are so fallacious and do take us voters for granted. They do get saved towards election during campaign periods?

    A leader may take 4 yrs without knowing the church door but the 5th year towards election is when they get saved and converted into church goers

    They become so friendly to people in such a manner that they can even respond on a missed call immediately even from unknown contact while for the past 4yrs during their regime they used to ignore calls from the known/saved contact

    My fellow kituians let’s open our 3rd eyes to tame these politicians whose mouths are filled with sweet words during the campaign periods and become dangerous animals after they get elected


    Writen by: Hon Ndulu

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