Malombe’s government still a nightmare to youths


It’s Four years since the devolved government came into place but Kitui Youths still have unanswered questions.

It costed millions of money from the county Government of kitui to train the contractors but upto now we have not seen any fruits from it.. Am Challenging the responsible body to clearly come out in an open forum and tell Kitui Youths what the county government has done.

Let the responsible body/ministry come out and Tell us the 30% youth who have benefited from the tenders excluding few youths who we know very well are”tenderpreneur”

Instead of supporting and nurturing youths Malombe’s administration has done everything possible to ensure that a certain group of goons pocket youths tenders.

Finally am not pointing a blaming finger to our able Governor Malombe but his inner circle. Most of this things happen without his knowledge but Mr. Governor when will u solve this issue once and for all?

During our online survey we came across this >>What has this county gov done to youths?e.g were are the loans for youths?were are the jobs created for youths? There were some youths who were trained for tenders did every youth who were in the training got at least one tender?These are some of the questions youths have. And was there budget for youths from 2013 onwards?>>

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