The better option for NASA is Kalonzo


Raila carries the baggage of the 1982 attempted coup; the 2007 post-election violence and various corruption scandals associated with him and his family, during his term as Minister and Prime Minister in Kibaki’s first and second terms.

Kalonzo, on the other hand, has no corruption allegations against him except for an issue related to NYS farm in Yatta.

He has never been associated with anything else. He has also been portrayed as a victim of Moi, Kibaki and Raila political machinations over the years; which makes him appear a sympathy vote across the country.

Research has also shown that Kalonzo does not attract the kind of deep resentment that Raila attracts amongst the Kikuyu and Kalenjin.

In fact, the Kalenjin consider him their child because of his loyalty to Moi; while Kikuyus feel he stood by Kibaki at a difficult moment in Kibaki’s presidency


Source: Ureport |Standard Media 

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