Governor Malombe snobs striking Kitui health workers


Kitui health workers disrupt a cabinet meeting over discriminatory promotions and unpaid allowances.
Kitui County health workers yesterday stormed Governor Julius Malombe’s office to demand fair implementation of allowances and payment of delayed salaries respectively disrupting a cabinet meeting.

The hospital workers among them clinical officers and mortuary attendants protested against what they termed as unfair and discriminatory implementation of the health service allowances.

They further complained of being discriminated against during promotion of their colleagues of other cadres.

They said the county administration had conferred doctors and nurses with promotions and salary raise but turned a blind eye to them simply because they had no union to guard their welfare.

“We are not going to sit back and let the government continue discriminating us. We demand to be recognised as key health staff, get promotions and revised salaries as well,” demanded josephat Kabwere.

The workers marched along the streets of Kitui Town in peaceful demonstrations up to the governor’s office where they camped demanding that he addresses their grievances but their efforts bore no fruit prompting them to storm a cabinet meeting.

They were later addressed by CEC Health and sanitation Ruth koki who promoised to look into the matter.
The aggrieved workers who downed their tools last week Monday vowed to demonstrate again and again until Malombe’s government meets their demands.

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