Malombe’s ally escape death by whisker.


A member of kitui county assembly, from township ward kimanzi ngoima has this morning escaped death by whisker in an operation to put off fire that caught KIE offices this at around

Kimanzi ngoima who had came to help the locals met the unknown after bitter residents accused him for not having been helpful to since they elected him.

One mutisya told him on his face,”you claim to be so close to governor malombe and we know you have stood with him in promoting corruption,why have you came here empty handed instead of calling the governor to order his emergency fire engine to put off this fire.

The residents threatened to skin him as they escorted him out of the premises and ngoima finally chose to board a motorbike to rescue himself after being dusted.

The officer in charge KIE Thomas mirach said that he made several calls to different offices seeking help but he was told that ther fire engine had mechanical issues hence could not provide any service.

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“They told me that the truck’s engine is in poor condition and even doesn’t have water so I should look for an alternative measure.”mirach said.

The residents who came to rescue the condition have accussed kitui county government of being reluctant on emergency disasters,it was last month where a shop burned down to ashes after similar incident occurred and the county government failed to offer any assistance

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