Ngilu kills young man’s dream in Kitui


A Kitui Township ward aspirant has been shown the door out of narc party by former lands CS charity Ngilu for what he terms as inability to embrace and condone corruption.

Paul Ngoshi  who paid his nomination fee last week shocked his followers when he dropped a bombshell that he been chased for being young. He was never allowed to face other nominees in party nominations.

Addressing  press in a Kitui hotel Ngoshi insinuated that it was because he lacks experience in devouring public resources that he been shown the door.

“I think Ngilu has told me to leave because unlike her cronies I lack experience to steal on behalf of her ” said the aspirant.

Ngoshi, 26, is giving Township ward aspirants sleepless nights and this could have been a scheme by his detractors to have him locked out.

In his statement he accused Ngilu who sacked by the Jubilee Government in 2015 for being corrupt of favouring a partner in crime during the umaa dam saga and another man whom he described as barman.

When KituiOnline tried to reach Ngilu’s inner circle, our calls went unanswered.

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