Malombe’s supporter gets it rough on FB


There was mixed reaction when one of Malombe’s follower posted on social media (Kitui County fb group) that Incumbent deserved a second to accomplish what he had started.

At the time of this publication the post had attracted 224 comments and 11 share, out the comments 200 comments opposed Musili’s post with 24 in support of Maluvya.

Exchange of barbs continued between Malombe’s family and the opposition. Peter Katholi posted “Malombe tena…. Mwenye ataki kusikia ivo amenze wembe…. .. Kazi iendeleeJoshack Kioko negated this comment.

Biem Squared, Patrick Syengo and Fredrick Mbuvi agreed that Gubernatorial seat fell vacant immediately after 2013 elections.

there we go, its clear that governor malombe has turned kitui county to a city and therefore he deserves one more term to accomplish this. keep it up our governor. One Stephen Musili posted on Facebook group

Malombe’s supporters fearlessly defends Stephen Musili
Ngilu’s  supporters fearlessly join in poking holes in Malombe’s administration


Patrick Syengo, Fredrick Mbuvi and Biem Square roasts Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Malombe
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