When you Mention Malombe you Insult Us, bodaboda guy told


It was a long day for one bodaboda operator, who might never forget the morning of Saturday 25th, this year, which was absolutely long for him. Musyoka[not his real name] was in his normal bodaboda business at the famous Kunda kindu bus station, but later started an argument which later left him nursing several bruises and physiological traumas.

Musyoka is alleged to have started a hot debate, a debate he arguing in support of the outgoing Kitui governor, Dr.Julius Malombe. Armed with lies, lie after a lie, Musyoka couldn’t keep his silence, or contain his mouth. Little did he know that his spectatus were fully fed up with his Abunwasi narratives.

His Saturday turned gloomy when one shop keeper shot from his shop, reached Musyoka with a ‘please-shut up’ slap.

Haven’t you noticed that you are abusing us? When you mentioned Maluvya [Maluvya is the stage name of Kitui governor]here, you’re insulting us. A statement which triggered the anger of the residents, before pouncing on him.

While beating him, the angered crowd could be heard saying that they have suffered enough under his regime. They couldn’t stand his name or the song Musyoka was singing. Residents have been cautioned against mentioning some aspirants names, adding that they need be aware of their environment first.

By| Muindu PETER

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