Malombe’s budget to kill both Ngilu & Musila


Cash has been used to buy votes for the longest time in Kenya. This is the painful truth that we hardly agree to. It’s usually done chini ya maji because it is illegal.

Word on the street is that Malombe’s administration has set aside 1 million to deal with opposition. KES 500,000 for Ngilu and same amount for David Musila.

Five hundred thousand Kenya Shillings will be used to make sure Ngilu gets into a political grave another half a million to ensure that the old man (Umau) will not resurrect politically.

Sources privy to KituiOnline indicates that cash will be used to buy votes in Kitui. This budget excludes the cash that will go to different Chiefs, Political noisemakers, Social Media personel, Bloggers, Goons etc.

Malombe’s campaign budget remains unknown to both me and you. A good ‘guesser’ can approximate it to be close to half a billion.

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