Malombe is a beneficiary of Katusya’s corrupt deals


When the name madam Katusya is mentioned what comes into my mind is Tenderpreneur or Corruption. This is my personal opinion.

According to unconfirmed reports indicate that she’s the sole supplier of tyres and iPads to the County Government of Kitui her direct employer. Whatever procurement laws county government of Kitui uses Malombe knows better. She does this using proxy companies.

Late last year Madam Katusya in a recorded phone call was heard asking for her share in a supply deal with Kitui Government. She is also rumored to have supplied poor quality tyres and hurriedly paid.

Before that she benefited heavily from 65 million, cash meant for civic education during last year’s MASS VOTER REGISTRATION.

Corruption history in Kitui 

Governor Julius Malombe was very strict when he interdicted corrupt officials May last year. Then named officials weren’t known to us.

Governor’s Negligence

Now the corruption allegations against his best employee are too small for him to see. I totally understand that our Governor is afraid that Katusya will blow things when he interdicts her.

What will make Malombe act on the so many allegations against his ‘son’ , who is  a Chief Officer in one of the largest ministry in Kitui ? For one to get LPO contractors have to part with 10% or 15% tithe that is paid in Cash to the Chief Officer.


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