Musila is taking Kitui County for a ride

Kitui Senator, DAvid Musila

Senator Musila seems to be a dictator.

Am yet to be convinced that Musila’s administration can be fair. Equal Distribution of resources would be a gone case if he clinches the Kitui Gubernatorial seat. Kitui is just a larger station (county fm), the treatment will not be any different with that of county fm staff

County FM is our case study 

For one to be employed in County FM, a radio station owned by the Senator you have to be interviewed by Senator Musila. The criteria used to employ people from one county will also be used if he is elected the second Governor of Kitui County.

The following is a list of County FM’s employees with their position and origin.

Mark Muli (Head of Radio)  – Makueni  county
Mbunga Nicholas (Head of News) – Machakos  county
Juliet Mueni (Presenter) –   Makueni county .
Morris Muendo (Producer) –  Makueni  county
Gerald Mutisya (Producer)  – Makueni  county
Boniventure Mutinda (Presenter) –  Makueni County
Peter Tatu (Head of Programs) –  Makueni  county.
Zipporah Gwatu (News Anchor) – Kitui county
Rachel Muthoka (News Anchor)  –  Machakos county.
Joyce Moraa (News Anchor) –  Kitui county.

Elias Ngari (Head of programs) –  Embu County

Politics 2017

Kitui County gubernatorial so far has attracted three  main contestants ie The Incumbent Dr Julius Malombe, Kitui Senator David Musila and Former Land CS Charity Ngilu. It’s rumored that Jubilee Party will front Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo for the same seat.

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