Kitui banditry victims sue Kenyan government for compensation 


Some 2,000 banditry attack victims from 365 families in Kitui County have sued the national government demanding compensation for losses inflicted by armed Somali herders.

The residents, inhabiting the Kitui-Tana River border, want the State to compensate them for the loss of their loved ones, gun-inflicted injuries and destruction of property as well as stolen livestock.

Led by former Public Works Permanent Secretary Gideon Mulyungi, the affected residents marched along the streets of Kitui town to Kitui law courts where they filed their petition at the High Court’s registry.

Mr Mulyungi accused the government of reluctance in ending the deadly bandit attacks besides failing to compensate the community hence their resolve to move to court.

He said the gun-brandishing nomads have encroached on Kitui in search of pasture for their camels and have been terrorising the locals so as to scare them out of their farmland to graze the animals.

“More than 31 innocent people have been killed in the last one year alone, 50 homes torched, dozens maimed and hundreds of families displaced from their home area,” he told journalists after filing the petition papers in court.

“We therefore demand that the government should take responsibility and compensate the aggrieved families since it is constitutionally mandated to protect the lives and property of its citizens,” Mulyungi added.

The ex-PS further said schools in banditry-prone Ukasi, Mwanzele and Sosoma in Mwingi East had not opened since the start of the term in January due to the runaway insecurity.

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