Something is wrong with Governor Malombe, says County Assembly speaker


Kitui County Assembly Speaker Hon George Ndotto tells Malombe in his face that his govt is corrupt.

The speaker has challenged Governor Malombe to sack corrupt officers led by the Chief officer coordination Madam Katusya. The speaker says that failure for the governor to act will confirm that perhaps the governor is a beneficiary of the corrupt deals. Malombe has not acted on corrupt officers for fear that they will also expose how he also gets a share of the loot.

“I know that the Governor can be firm on this (corruption) but he’s trying to be diplomatic, nothing like diplomacy mwizi ni mwizi Hon Ndoto added

Speaker’s message is coming just a week after EACC officials raided several Kitui county government offices  and took away key documents suspected to have been lined up to facilitate in corrupt payments.

Kitui electorates are watching on what steps their CEO, Governor  will take to curb the corruption enterprise in Kitui.

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