The Latest Southern Declaration sending Ngilu-Musila abyss


Kitui South residents’ validation of Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s reelection is not a surprising move. Historical evidence in the choice of leaders has always worked well for development grounded leaders.

Kitui South leaders lately endorsed the re-election bid of the incumbent, flouting the political pressure of the other gubernatorial candidates as a greedy move to snip the county resources.

“We’ve learned through experience that the two opponents facing the incumbent have a long history of political evils and woes, Hon. Ngilu has for two decades proved biased in fronting development in the previous levels of administration” local leaders purported.

“The Former Mwingi South MP Hon. Musila was a D.O during my intermediate studies at Ikutha, I served in the same parliament with him, I later aged from active politics, and how he wants to be a governor is mind-blowing” he added.

The former KANU MP expressed discontent in the manner in which the sitting senator traversed the county engaging in premature politicking at the discourse of venom about the incumbent, in a divisive agenda to dent the already realized milestones by the county administration.

Ikutha MCA Hon. Hussein declared his support for the incumbent.

“I want to be clear here and now, that my support is for one Dr. Malombe, that is my stand, I am confident that he will win, the wave explains it all” He said.

Addressing the over a thousand people who converged at Kyoani Resource Centre, the Member of the County Assembly said that the area has witnessed solid development after years of marginalization in the water and health sectors during the tenure of former

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