Don’t wait for free and fair nominations from Ngilu’s party


“We’ve never had a free and fair nominations in Kitui for NARC something that the party leader (Charity Ngilu)  knows” a Kitui Parliamentary aspirant told KituiOnline.

In a original and final copy of nomination certificate seen by KituiOnline,  it’s clear NARC’S nominations have already taken place (20th April 2017) and Chuluni MCA aspirant (Wangunze) has his certificate after kutoa kitu kidogo 

I think if this sale of NARC’S nominations certificates is allowed to continue then the party will carry close to zero political seats, that’s my opinion.

According to sources privy to KO a kitui east parliamentary aspirant already has his ticket after parting away with Ksh.500,000.

James Mbuvi Wangunze, an Mca aspirant in Kitui East, also parted with close to 200k Kenya shillings  to get the certificate

This comes barely a month after KO published an article on how Former waziri gave Kitui Rural parliamentary aspirant, Ben Mwongela a ticket in her Nairobi office. Her sycophants were the very fast to term it propaganda.

We will not be astonished if the same group calls this photoshop. All in all the final say lies with the electorates.

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