Your honeypot gets you an appointment with Kitui Governor


Getting an appointment with Kitui County CEO is very expensive. Without name calling the fact of the matter is; not all event invitations get to Governor’s desk.

There are few determinants of how fast your application for an event reaches to Governor Malombe’s desk. Top in that list is honeypot and if you let the responsible individuals in between the pot then Governor will automatically attend to your invitation.

A Kitui based female  gospel artist who sought total anonymity was invited to perform Malombe’s event in Ithookwe but she was never paid simply because she refused to serve it to one official in Governor’s office.

In a one on one interview with KituiOnline she said she fully supports Malombe’s re-election but she condemns people around him. “I hate anything to do with Malombe’s administration, that’s why i left Kitui County watch whatsapp group after Makasi added me” She added

Kitui West MP Hon Nyenze is also a victim. He was forced to place an appointment a month before for him to see H. E Hon Julius Malombe. Am almost sure that to date Governor Malombe is not aware that  these things happen in his office.


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