Kalonzo betrayed me again, Malombe now claims


Governor Malombe has indirectly accused Kalonzo’s Wiper Democratic Party for having failed to prepare adequately to carry out free and fair nominations.

In a press conference held in his office today (Friday), Malombe seemed disturbed by the fact that Ngilu and party leader are in terms.

Sources within the county corridors told our reporters that Malombe has found himself in a dangerous position. It is said that after the much hyped Kalonzo and Ngilu unity, Malombe has been having sleepless nights. It appears that Malombe’s only hope for reelection was Kalonzo’s endorsement.

In today’s media briefing, Malombe told pressmen that he has a feeling that there is a grand scheme to rig him out in the coming Wiper nominations slated for 24th April 2017.

Malombe has accused the elections board of lacking in capacity to provide enough voting materials for exercise. He further stated that the elections board has failed to assure him of free and fair nominations.

“If the Wiper election board is genuine, it must disqualify Musila from being the Wiper NEC chairman. There is no way you can be a player and at the same time a referee” said visibly shaken Governor Malombe.

He however maintained that he will be in the ballot whether he is rigged in or out by the wiper elections board in the forthcoming polls. He also took issue with all parties in Ukambani arguing that their elections boards were in competent and could not be trusted, ‘ it’s not only in wiper where tickets are sold to the highest bidder but all parties in Ukambani’’ he added.

On numerous occasions kitui senator David Musila who also doubles as the wiper national chairman has assured all aspirants fair and credible nominations. Malombe’s sentiments and assurance that he will be in the ballot whichever way, come barely a month to Wiper nominations signaling that the governor may be working on a plan B in case things go bad for him.

The Kitui County gubernatorial race has attracted three main contestants, Hon Malombe, Hon Ngilu and Hon Musila with recent opinion polls and analyses showing that Hon Musila is expected to beat the Kyangwithya duo

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