Nunu master unveils a new campaign tool


Political wonders will never end. In politics anything is expected provided it translates to numbers, votes.

Campaign attire for one of Mwingi Parliamentary seat caused tension on social media. The campaign attire in specific was a branded white BRA & BIKER. This was received with a mixed reactions with most men for the idea while ladies opposed.

Ladies felt humiliated having photo of their fellow naked lady being shared in order to market the candidate. Men, especially #TeaMafisi fully supported the idea saying that they are fully behind the parliamentary candidate.

Abdi Mohammed, a political analyst in an online interview with KO said that the idea will bot work because 99% of women walk fully dressed. “The only time this can be seen is during preparation of love making. During this time a man is always blind and cannot even read leave alone writing” He added

A quick survey on the social media platforms KO came across these  comments in Leaders of Kitui, a WhatsApp group

“How to win election through women its very easy” –  Save Kitui County
“Nikapata dem yangu amevaa hio tunamalizana papo hapo” “Siasa hazifiki ndani sana ivyo” –  Caesar commented

“Ndani ndaaaani ndaaaaaani siasa tu” – Ras commented



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