Commissioning of Mbaki Mbaki in Kitui Rural


On Friday 31st March 2017 the elders of Yatta/Kwa Vonza  in Kitui Rural commissioned one John Kisangau (Mbaki Mbaki) to go and represent them in county Assembly in 2017. Atumia ma kisio together with thousands of area residents said Mbaki Mbaki has what it takes  to represent them.

In his speech he focused on five key areas that will constitute his Manifesto 1. Education | 2. Health  |3. Youth Empowerment | 4. Roads | 5. Water 

“Ballast which is Yatta/Kwa Vonza’s gold will be managed by our own youths, women and people living with disabilities. I have done my research and this is one of the solution to unemployment in the area. Every polling station will have either a borehole or a dam.” Mbak Mbaki added.

In an interview with KituiOnline he urged both national and local leaders to do peaceful campaigns for party primaries and general elections. “I have done this event in my opponent’s area, no one used abusive language. We should do mature politics” Mr Mbaki Mbaki told KituiOnline. 

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