Shocking: Girls from well -monied families in Kitui are rolling with sponsors. Dunia ina mambo.


For several years now, there has been a trend of ladies from poor backgrounds moving in with rich men for financial support and mutual reasons that both you and I could guess.This has been justifiable for quite some time, if at least the ladies have something to show for their “contracts”

Then came the ‘mpango wa kando’ fad ,where every married man that was thought to have enough wealth to sustain his family and other extramarital families ,would definitely qualify. This fad rose rather very fast and married men have relentlessy promoted these mpango wa kando ladies of course in exchange for the honey pot. They say stolen food is sweeter.

And here came the “sponsor fad” where young girls get old men for financial support as they offer their fresh forbidden fruit to them…and girls from poor families are getting to this business for their upkeep.

All the above trends seem to be socially acceptable all over our country as per now, and even in our own kitui county. But here is the most shocking version of the sponsor fad.

One of our writers has noticed a group of ladies in kitui from well known financially stable families, moving around with some sort of sponsors.

To avoid any assumptions, using our sources, we interviewed  some of these young ladies concerning those kind of relationships yet they don’t seem to be in need of such and we got funny responses “I have everything ,I don’t need anything from this man, except his D***” another lady said “there are no men to marry nowadays, I’d rather deal with this one who’s got a wife to polish him up for me, at least I can always get a glass of milk without buying the whole cow”.

So this sponsor fad is not necessarily for money? Even rich girls are going for sponsors to get the sausage without getting the whole pig?

To cut the long story short, this is just from a concerned Kituian, our ladies need deliverance…if you have to get a sponsor then get reasons that are justifiable .I mean ,if you have everything a girl would ever ask for, from the family background to good looks to good brains, why would you hover around a sponsor?can’t you get boys or men of your age to fix things right if the proverbial vehicle has to get regular oil changing? Or are our young men not well endowed down there to service you well?

Tafakarini haya, even if not for yourself but for the younger girls in nursery schools and primary school who look up to you.

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