Governor Malombe sues Kitui Bloggers


Kitui County Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe through a law firm, Apollo Muinde and Ngonze has sued kitui blogger, for what is termed as defamation remarks published on 24th March 2017.

The article in question is “Probe Malombe’s Nomination Violence Threats: Government Agencies Asked

Screenshot from Kitui times in question

In a four paged letter seen by KituiOnline authors/admins are required to publicly apologize to his H. E Julius Malombe within 7 days expiring today on 6th March else the matter will take legal action.

In an online interview with fellow bloggers who sought anonymity said the move shows that Kitui blogging is taking a positive route and it is making an impact in the county.

However they termed the move as a waste of time and county resources since video is available on the same. “we have freedom to write on different platforms provided we can substantiate. The fight is still on and not only to County government, we are ready to inform common mwananchi.”

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