Malombe’s economic advisor leads in the list of his failures

Malombe's Economic advisor in black tie during a past event

Malombe’s economic advisor one Mr Mulatya has been named in the list of county’s officials pulling the Governor behind.

Knowing that county officials should not be involved in procurement processes, Mulatya is among other other officials who are also contractors. It is alleged he’s also a contractor benefiting from Malombe’s tenders. Tracking these rogue employees has been difficult since they use proxy companies.

“How does Economic advisor benefit from what is meant for our poor youths. If our Governor does no address this matter it will bring him down come 2017 elections.” – Musyoki, Miambani resident

One of Kitui resident from Miambani says the recent state of county event held at Ithookwe was a money minting event. ” We were not given allowances as promised by finance officials. Malombe ni muthukumi museo lakini andu make ni mang’eli”


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