“Two Kitui MPs hindering us from joining Jubilee Party” – aspirants

Kamene, Political influencer in Kitui West

Jubilee is either number one or two in terms of popular coalition in the country. During this nomination period different aspirants are fishing for political outfits to use in contesting various political seats.

Accessing Jubilee in Ukambani especially Kitui is just like waiting for an aeroplane in Indian Ocean all because of two Kitui MPs who defected from wiper and NARC. Aspirants who thought jubilee is the outfit to wear in 2017 elections then they are wrong. Kitui South MP, Rachael Kaki and her Mwingi central counterpart Joe Mutambu have pocketed Jubilee Party.

The fact of the matter is that the only benefit that Ukambani aspirants can get from Uhuru’s party is the huge cash and not votes. Political noisemakers chasing after the cash are having hard time to deal with Kaki and Mutambu. “Sisi tulitoka jubilee baada ya kutumiwa kama cabbage na Wabunge wawili, kupata allowance kupitia hawa awili ni kivelenge tupu” David Mbilo, Kitui South MP aspirant.

Mbilo added that this was the only reason him and a host of other aspirants opted to join Mutua’s Maendeleo Chap Chap Party (MCCP).

The two might be doing self-justice while Uhuru and Kamba people injustice. President Uhuru is getting vote injustice while Kitui’s aspirants get finance injustices

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