Wipers top officials plan to lock out Kitui women rep aspirant


By extension party primaries are only held for the sake and as a way of playing with people’s mind. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Kitui top two political parties have already issued some nomination certificates prior party’s nominations on 20th and 24th April.

It’s rumored that there’s a plan to block one Irene Kasalu is a game played with assumptions that Kitui Senator will be Wiper’s gubernatorial candidate.

With that the said officials are avoiding loss of votes in that both Irene and Musila are from Mwingi. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Wiper as a party is supporting Jane Kibati who lost to Nyiva Mwendwa in 2013 General election.

Kitui women rep aspirant on Wiper ticket has attracted only 3 candidates: Irene Kasalu, Jane Kibati and Florence Musyoka. Botg Irene and Jane have been transversing Kitui county in search for votes during both primaries and General elections in August.
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