How elections make politicians church birds ?


The bitter truth is that our political leaders will always see the need to attend Sunday services when political temperatures are getting higher.

Without name calling you can agree with me that church is the only place you can get a cool  crowd at no cost. Violentless gathering will be in church. Trying such with our “matatu’s cashiers” famously known as makanga you will get it rough.

With this latest development Kitui Catholic dioceses has a different chapter. Kitui Catholic Bishop Anthony Muheria doesn’t entertain politicians in his church. Something that’s is known by all politicians.

Free advice

This is the best time to have different churches benefit from “voluntary”  services from our politicians. If your church doesn’t benefit at this time then it should focus on mwananchi’s harambee.

Our able Governor Malombe together with Senator Musila plus a host of MCA’s have surfaced in our churches after 3 years of busy schedule. Where were they 3-4 years ago?




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