Musila- Ngilu face hard times as elections near

'Kitui' s political gods'

The forthcoming Wiper party primaries in Kitui remain an uphill task for Senator David Musila who has sworn to unseat the incumbent Dr. Julius Malombe.

The extant pattern is quite clear that the incumbent has tall chances of retaining his seat despite unnecessary reproach by the aspiring opponents.

The top opponents have openly discredited the governor on development issues especially on the key issues affecting the county. The move has however received cold reception from a solid majority that believe that the governor has delivered in less than five years of his tenure.

The two opponents who face the incumbent have serious and so exposed contentions from members of the public. The once two decade anti-KANU minister Hon. Charity Ngilu has a long fouled image that critics believe is not suitable for holding a revered office like that of a governor.

The long history of a controversial profile in the political arena and the sundry visits to the court are a major blow to the iron lady. She has had several corruption accusations in numerous dockets that she served during former president Kibaki’s regime and the current era under Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta.

It is too noticeable that during her regime as an MP for Kitui Central, The constituency agonized untold skewed development patterns with the lower sides that are presently in rural constituency facing dire marginalization.

Hon. Musila too faces a grave disapproval. The name MEKO is a wholesome creation of a few beneficiaries of his tyrannical regime in his home village.

During his tenure as Mwingi South MP, presently Mwingi west, allegations of uncluttered marginalization were a hymn song. The Present Mwingi West has only benefited from the devolved system after many years of sidelining.

The home village development at the expense of other areas is the supreme prove that Hon. Musila cannot dispense resources equally. One can easily fathom the danger of handing over county leadership to a leader with such an unfair policy.

The claims that the Mwingi West CDF offices were hosted in his Migwani rentals till lately are pitiable. The latest revelations by his Personal assistant Mr. Kalinga on socialmedia platforms have been received by fascinating reactions.

The Senator has also faced constant fight over his old age. The over four decade public service gives the electorate a solid reason to send him to retire in the August elections.
Many interesting moments are expected to prevail as we near the nomination day!

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