Be peaceful during #WiperNominations Kitui edition, Kitui Central MP urges

Kitui Central Mp, Benson Makali Mulu during a past evnt

Speaking to the media on Sunday at his home Hon Makali Mulu urged Kitui residents to be peaceful during Wiper primaries. He told Kitui Youths not to be used by political leaders to cause chaos during the nomination exercise.

He also asked political leaders contesting for various seats to be psychologically prepared for a win or a loss. “Whoever looses during nomination should support the winner to strengthen the party and the NASA coalition in general.

This comes a day after Kitui county Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe distanced himself from the allegations that he’s responsible for ‘NO MUSILA NO NOMINATION’  tshirts  and instead blamed Kitui Senator for ‘MALOMBE TEN’ tshirts.


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