Ngilu forces Kitui Central MP aspirant to quit NARC

Safari Njema addressing Media at a Kitui Hotel on Monday, "4th April

Nominations for the highest bidder is not a new allegation in MaMa Rainbow’s party, N A R C.

Kitui central parliamentary hopeful Mwendwa Munyasya commonly referred to as “Safari Njema” during a press briefing at a Kitui Hotel told members of 4th state that NARC’s nominations have been postponed for more than two times without a solid reason.

This comes at a day when Wiper primaries, Kitui edition is on whose running has had few ups and downs.

Safari Njema accompanied by a host of local leaders and businessmen told Mama to prepare for a walk out from her party. The aspirant told pressmen that he’s ready to take the decision his people will give.

It’s alleged that Ngilu’s preferred candidate for Kitui central.parliamentary seat is one Daudi Kitoo. The leaders gave Ngilu up to 24th April to have the issue sorted once and for all.

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