We are concerned about the wiper’s nomination delay, Governor Malombe


“We have been calm and still we will be during this nomination process. We are concerned with the way this process id being handled” Said Governor Malombe. He was speaking on Tuesday at Kitui County tallying center. Kitui County C E O said that he was ready when he subjected himself to the nomination process. In addition he urged his supporters to remain calm as they await for final results.

Kitui County Wiper’s Returning Officer, Joseph Mutinda Kasmol had hard to explain to the governor and impatient residents who wanted results immediately. Mr Mutinda assured the Governor and his supporters that by 10pm wiper’s nominee will be known. “In case the RO’s will not be at tallying center by 10pm we can use other stipulated means to get the nominee, possibly provisional results “ county RO added

Malombe’s sentiments comes hours after Kitui East MP is alleged to have been involved in a major rigging that happened in his backyard where Malombe seems to be the preferred candidate.

Affected individuals by the delay

The delayed results are not affecting Gubernatorial aspirants but also Senatorial (Mutisya and Kiio) Women reps (Kibati and Kasalu).

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