Governor Malombe gets roasted for belittling Ngilu


After leaving his employees and journalists into stitches in a recent press statement after the Governor said that Ngilu is not his competitor,  now online consumers especially whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter  gave the governor a dose.

Those who don’t have time for social media  do not worry because KituiOnline did it for you. This is how social media reacted to “She’s too far to be my competitor, Malombe belittles Ngilu.” a story done by KituiOnline

With most of whatsapp users terming Governor Malombe as a arrogant leader. “I wonder where these ‘leaders’ get arrogance from… just the other day Dr. Julius Malombe.. you came into the limelight.. No one knew you….” Mumbi posted on whatsapp 

“Ngilu is a mature self made politician while Malombe is Kalonzo’s political child. “ Kyaka told Malombe via whatsapp

@KituiOnline @YouTube malombe is stupid Mutisya reacted via Twitter.

Screenshot: Twitter |@KituiOnline
Screenshot 2: Whatsapp

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