Resign from NYC, Malombe tells Aggrey Nzomo

Governor Malombe addressing Press at KEFRI, Kitui

Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe and Kitui County Youth chair, Aggrey Nzomo have on several occasions differed. They have locked Horns more than once.

Governor has urged Nzomo to resign from National Youth Council (NYC) citing age factor. “Youth is defined in our constitution as from 18 – 35 years” said Dr Malombe during a past press briefing at KEFRI.

These point came as the Governor was asking for a youth representative when giving county’s position on the NASA’s lineup. ‘Youths’ finally saw Mumbu represent them by reading Kimanzi’s (county Secretary) statement sent to Mumbu as a text message.

Kitui Governor added that people cannot continue representing youths yet he/she is not in the youth bracket.

Our team got hold of Kitui County Youth chair to confirm if indeed he’s past 35 years. We can confirm here with no doubt that Nzomo’s age is between 18 and 35 years.

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