Is Kalonzo’s dynasty under siege?


By Omondi George 

Snakes have a funny characteristic of shading off their old skins to become knew, could this be what “wiper” is doing to his longtime Ally Jonny?. Or may be the old roofs of a house is falling apart?. May be like a fig tree during on season, its shelving off its leaves, but what fever it is between Wiper leader and NASA deputy running mate Hon Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Machakos senator Hon Johnston Muthama is more than meet the eye

When Hon Muthama appeared on television and Publicly made a surprising announcement, the public was in shock, yet political analysts were quick to do selfish interpretations to suit their audience and masters some feel that Muthamas was a reaction if Kalonzo betrayal, having worked hard for and to build wiper party and kalonzo in ukambani Hon Muthama must have felt his powers dignity and authority usurped by Mombasa senator and wiper secretary Hassan Omar, he had no choice but to find space

Yet others claim Muthama had wanted his line up of Wiper chairman Hon David Musila run as Kitui Governor, Machakos deputy Gavana Hon Benard Kiala run as Machakos Governor. And Business Tycoon Loyd masika run as makueni Governor. The alluded “dictatorial tendencies” being said of kalonzo is informed by the contrary choice of Wavinya ndeti. Julius malombe, and kivutha kibwana, who never supported kalonzo before as claimed by Muthama and Kiala.

Kiala and Muthama feels they were used like condoms by Kalonzo to fight his ukambani and national wars and battles only to be dumped at the hour of need.. Both are Bitter, they feel betrayed..and whether they will run with ODM in Machakos is a puzzle. But if Hon Dr Raila is upto the game, he must reconcile them before its late. Politically ahead of 2017 Raila and Kalonzo are joined at the hip and this latest developments are not smooth for the party

Anyone who watched Kalonzo speech onetime along Nairobi Mombasa road can attest the crack began that time and everyone ignored to fill it. He was categorical that Muthama was working for the interest of Raila presidency in NASA, it came to pass that when Raila was unveiled. Kalonzo had no kind words for Raila and he majored on the MoU..

Anyway Muthama and mutua may burry hatches and work politics there are no parmanent enemies. Who knew muthama and kalonzo wangekosana?. If this happens, that could redefine the end of Kalonzo political hold in Ukambani and became game changer 2022, don’t forget DP Ruto is a schemer and will comfortably accommodate Muthama and Mutual in his 2022 plan like he has eliminated Peter Kenneth, Kabogo, and is planning to eliminate Hon Evans Kidero, and Govenor Hassan Joho..



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