A Kitui MCA aspirant calls his electorates ‘dogs’


After nominations Mark Nding’o the wiper aspirant has taken a back seat almost a month now.

It’s alleged that he was over-heard saying that he will be back to purchase his victory in the month of July like he successfully did during the nominations where it’s said he parted away with 5million.

In his words, ‘saa sya kwikisya ngiti mavindi syiinamba kuvika. Eka maendeeye kwikya mavindi moo makwa niiye mbaka mwfai wa mwonza. Vau ngiti ikaya mavindi continuously muvaka muthenya wa elections.”

1. He called the Yatta voters dogs. We are not dogs Mr and we will prove that to you on 8th August.

2. We the electorate are not that cheap as you want to portray us. Pesa yako tutakula but kura tunajua mahali



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